Security systems of Moscow incentive parking lots and impound lots based on SecurOS

Video surveillance and license plate capture and recognition systems for the road transport system

  • Facilities
    26 incentive parking areas and 15 impound lots
  • Customer
    State public institution “Administrator of the Moscow parking space”
  • Integrator

Project description

Incentive parking

Park and ride (or incentive parking) is a relatively new type of transport infrastructure facility in Russia. Its main goal is to reduce congestion of the road transport system in big cities, especially in historic districts where the building limits an opportunity of expansion the roadway. Although the advantage of incentive parking in a metropolis is an indisputable fact, their popularity in large measure depends on its usability and compliance with the security requirements. Otherwise, car owners will not trust their property to municipal services.

In 2018, Lanit implemented the project of creating video surveillance systems with video analytics functions based on the ISS products for 26 incentive-parking areas situated in all districts of Moscow.

Nowadays the surveillance video system for the biggest incentive parking area with a capacity of over a thousand cars located at the Anino metro station includes 30 Beward IP-cameras conducted by SecurOS.

On other parking areas, the number of IP-cameras averages 15-20 devices and depends on the size and geometry of the parking area. In general, it is about 300 cameras. They are set up around the perimeter and between the rows of cars. The operators of surveillance systems remotely monitor respect for law and order at parking areas online and if they identify any emergency, they can use archive video recordings that can be used to restore the course of events, determine the source of each incident and find perpetrators.

Entry and exit areas of each park and ride are equipped with the license plate capture and recognition system SecurOS Auto. The integration of SecurOS Auto with the parking automation system allows carrying double control of entering/leaving vehicles and collecting statistical data for analyzing and creating various reports as well as detecting frauds.

Impound louts (special parking lots)

Specialized guarded parking lots where evacuated vehicles are located until the moment they will be returned to their owners have become an integral part of the road infrastructure of any major city. In 2018 Administrator of Moscow parking space made a decision on modernization of security systems of the impound lots –  bringing them into the line with the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses that establishes specific requirements for the organization of impound lots.

Lanit and ISS created security systems for 15 impound lots in Moscow. Each such system includes the complex video surveillance system SecurOS and the system of License Plate Recognition SecurOS Auto that controls entry and exit zones.

In general, more than 260 PTZ and bullet cameras monitor law enforcement and the safety of vehicles located at these impound lots.

Besides carrying out a continuous control, SecurOS Security system at the impound lots in Moscow is also used for:

  • quantification of free lots that improves the efficiency of the personnel responsible for evacuation;
  • suppressing unauthorized entering;
  • developing a video database that is used for resolving conflict and for avoiding unsubstantiated claims of car owners.

An increased level of security and a guarantee of returning a property to owners in the same condition as when cars were transported to a parking lot were the results of implementing SecurOS Video Surveillance system and SecurOS Auto system of License Plate Recognition.