Contemporary complex security system at the Moscow Central Circle

Continuous video monitoring and control of an operational situation over the entire territory of the Moscow Central Circle

  • Facility: Moscow Central Circle (MCC) is 31 stations, 17 transfers on the Moscow Metro lines, 10 transfers to suburban electric trains. The line opened to passengers on 10 September 2016. Around 400 thousand passengers on a day-to-day basis use it.
  • Customer: MKZD

Project Goals

  • Continuous video monitoring in order to avoid dangerous situations, control of law and order on the platforms, inside the stations, adjacent territories and other passenger areas;
  • Monitoring of the current situation in the technical rooms and at the areas where engineering support systems of the critical facilities of the Moscow Central Circle are located.

Project description

ISS experts took part at every stage of creation of the concept of security system at the Moscow Central Circle, including a pre-project survey of all transport hubs and definition of places where IP-cameras should be located to ensure effective performance of situational video analytics detectors, the calculation of the load on infrastructure and the development of the solution according to the requirements of law enforcement agencies and Russian Railways.

In the result of the created concept, every transportation hub comes as a local security system. The video surveillance system based on the SecurOS Video Management Platform: identified the necessary number of IP-cameras, Video Servers, created an operator workstation. Therefore, a continuous video monitoring and control at the platforms, railways, cash desk and turnstiles zones, entrance groups and adjacent territories are carried out as well as video surveillance at the areas where engineering support systems of the critical facilities of the Moscow Central Circle.

To control the passage to the technological areas and to identify the staff with an appropriate admission to the office premises at each transportation hub, an integration with the access control system created by RusGard was carried out.

Monitoring and Control Centers

To carry out a continuous video monitoring and control over the current situation two independent Monitoring and Control Centers were created at the Moscow Central Circle. Each Monitoring and Control Center aggregates data from the local security systems, allows operating a live video stream that is gotten from remote servers and video archive. Operators of the Monitoring and Control Centers receive distressing reports real-time from each of the 31 transportation hubs for rapid response to emergencies.

SecurOS MCC is a software template of the Monitoring and Control Centers, specially designed for carrying out effective control and management of video surveillance systems at geographically separated objects.

Integration with the Moscow’s Data Storage Center

The Moscow Central Circle is a part of urban infrastructure so it has to transfer data to the Moscow’s Data Storage Center. Within the project, it was necessary to provide an integration of the MCC’s video surveillance system with the Moscow’s Data Storage Center, which is designed for collecting, processing, storing and providing access to information for users of the video surveillance system. All accredited in the center institutions (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, urban services) upon a request can gain access to live and archived video from any camera of the MCC’s station. SecurOS consists of the Single Registry of compatible equipment with the Data Storage Center according to the second type of integration.

Tailored Solution

To improve the efficiency of the operators’ work, a Video Wall was installed that displays frequently used visual information sources including information received from third-party systems. 2D maps – one of the components of SecurOS that helps to monitor the current situation at MCC’s space. Interactive site plans help enable the operator to manage the elements of the security system and at the same time to react promptly to any emergencies.

The RusGard objects icons display and their current state on the 2D map in the SecurOS interface allows managing devices of a Physical Access Control System from the map window (arm/disarm, block/unblock, etc.).

In addition, the task of providing visual inspection by the driver of the boarding and disembarking of passengers arriving at the station. The functionality “scoreboard driver” is also implemented in SecurOS: data from four IP-cameras are displayed on a monitor installed on each platform.

Future Prospects

According to the Government Order of Russia № 969 from 26.09.2016, all facilities of the transport infrastructure have to be equipped with the technical means of ensuring transport safety that have passed certification. For 2019, it is provided for additional equipment of the Moscow Central Ring facilities with the solutions for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Order.

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