Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

The implementation of audio and video control complex for client services in the branches of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Moscow and Moscow region.

  • Customer: Branches of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Moscow and Moscow region
  • Integrator: Gran Prix


The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation pays a lot of attention to the question of the quality of public services. A decision of implementing a complex of video and audio control in all branches of the Pension Fund in Moscow and Moscow region was taken in accordance to evaluate the reception of citizens, identify possible conflicts and to take timely measure to improve the level of service. By the results of the competition, Gran Prix was chosen as a partner of this project and then it chose ISS for the project realization.

Video surveillance together with audio recording was necessary to carry out on a working place of every employee of the Pension Fund, in the operation hall to fix the visitors’ service process. Furthermore, the project also includes the installation of an alarm button to give a signal to security officers in case of emergency; a control button for recording the time spent on the reception of one visitor; a special terminal for evaluating the work of the customer service employee (the visitor can evaluate the quality of provided service by point system – from 1 to 3).


Cameras made by Gran Prix, equipped with a fish-eye lens and built-in bi-directional microphones, were implemented in the branches of the Pension Fund at every working place where the reception of citizens is held. A special algorithm of spherical image deployment that helps to show the operator a panoramic camera image, was used to provide the opportunity to see in a frame all the participants in the dialogue. The built-in bi-directional microphones provide the highest quality audio recordings. Therefore, it is possible to analyze incidents if necessary.

All data are collected and stored in SecurOS.

SecurOS is a software platform, designed for creating integrated security systems of any scale. SecurOS allows to organize the security system in accordance with the sector-specific, object’s features, specific tasks of the customer and also to scale and adapt it flexibly to changing requirements.

Data from 168 client services by geographical constituencies come to the 39 main departments where operators sift through the received video on events. In case of disturbing the peace or unlawful acts to the staff, warning notifications come to the operator’s workplace, and the internal security officer makes a decision on further response. The distributed structure of the complex allows to control all client services related to management and transmit data to the main monitoring center, where the total figures from all the branches in Moscow and Moscow region are analyzed. But in doing so every client service is an independent system based on SecurOS and main departments are monitoring centers based on SecurOS MCC. This structure allows to organize a continuous working process effectively when the connection between territorially divided facilities is bad or even lost.

SecurOS MCC (Monitoring & Control Center) designed to provide effective control and video surveillance systems management at geographically divided sites.

Analytical panel

The customer was interested in the opportunity of looking through the data from all client services and creating configurable reports. ISS specialists suggested creating a special analytical dashboard as the most suitable tool for data visualization and the following work with them. The dashboard allows to make out a video on events and to gain detailed information on every branch: how many clients are served, the amount of time spent on the reception, which one of the employees more frequently gets bad marks. The data are displayed on an interactive map and they can be uploaded as text reports and tables for the necessary period.

Moreover, the performance indicators of the system’s work itself can be tracked down. So this option provides an opportunity for continuous monitoring and control over its state. The data are collected on the status of cameras, servers, a case when the connection is lost or in case of other technical problems. The current situation displays on the operator’s screen in the real-time mode.


Within the project, Gran Prix put around 2,200 cameras and 200 servers. All key works for installation and equipment settings were carried out in the nighttime without breaks in current work on the customer service in the Pension Fund. An opportunity for scaling in case of further development is established in the system.