Modern security system for Mednogorsk Copper-Sulphur Plant

SecurOS video management platform is at the center of the enterprise's complex video surveillance system.


Mednogorsk Copper-Sulphur Plant is an enterprise of the metallurgical complex of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company that specializes in the production of black copper and sulfuric acid.

Implementation tasks

  • Situational monitoring of the plant’s territory 24/7 including its perimeter, all checkpoints, warehouses, administrative sites, backstopping buildings and structures;
  • Video monitoring and control over technological processes in the workshops;
  • Control over vehicles entering/leaving the plant’s territory, integration with weigh station.

Project description

Video monitoring system covers the whole plant’s territory, infrastructure sites and staff and vehicles checkpoints. SecurOS runs about 300 IP-cameras, 12 license plate recognition channels at the checkpoints. 4 channels are used to control vehicles moving along the plant’s territory that exceed a speed limit and also to create alarms if a vehicle that does not have a permission to be in a proper zone, is detected.

SecurOS Transit train carriage and cargo recognition module allows the customer to carry out an effective cargo accounting and minimize the human factor while registering wagons with raw materials (at the entrance) and with finished goods (at the exit). SecurOS transfers data of recognized numbers to the plant’s information system where the recognized license plate is connected to the weight of a proper wagon.

In order to provide a security staff effective working activity, Monitoring and control center was designed at the plant. In this center operators carry out a continuous monitoring of the situation at the plant’s territory and technological monitoring at the workshops, work with the video archive.

Three-factor identification

An integration of SecurOS Auto and ‘Orion” PACS was carried out at the checkpoints.

There are strict rules about vehicles entering the plant’s territory and that is why three levels of access depending on the category of a visitor were organized at every checkpoint.

  • Automatic verification of the recognized license plate of a vehicle that approached the checkpoint using the “white” lists from the enterprise’s automated process control system and opening the barrier in case of coincidence.
  • Opening the barrier for entrance/exit only in case of compliance of the data from the staff access card with the recognized car’s license plate.
  • Entryway will be permitted only if the second, commission card is presented. After presenting the visitor’s access card and its compliance with the license plate from a special visitors list, the security guard checks the car and the document, then in case of permission to enter puts his own card to the access control reader.