Complex security system for an industrial enterprise

Security system of the group of Severstal enterprises is based on the SecurOS video mangement platform.

Cherepovets Steel Mill

Project tasks

  • Video monitoring of the enterprise’s perimeter and entrance/exit zones for vehicles at the checkpoints;
  • Automatization of the registration process and control over passages at all checkpoints located at the plant’s territory, implementation of a license plate recognition system.

Solution description

The video monitoring system covers all external territory and infrastructure sites, 22 staff checkpoints and 14 vehicles checkpoints.

An integration with a control and access management system is implemented at the checkpoints: time recording, confirmation of the compliance of the access card data with the recognized license plate.

SecurOS runs 400 IP-cameras, 30 license plate recognition channels, 4 cameras for identifying vehicles moving along the plant’s territory that exceed a speed limit.

Severstal-metiz, production site in Cherepovets

Project tasks

  • Monitoring the passage of technological operations in the workshops;
  • Control of the shipment of finished goods;
  • Automatic detection of violations of the rules of personnel safety – monitoring of the use of personal protective equipment (helmet detection).


Technological video surveillance focuses on minimizing the risks of economic violations, possible violations of any technological process, and dangerous situations at the manufacturing site.

In order to prevent cases of finished goods theft video control over the movement of pallets with raw materials within the plant’s territory was organized. Video analytics system algorithms control all the processes of importing/exporting/moving every pallet. In case of any deviation in movements (the pallet with raw materials was moved from the control point, but not reached the final point within a certain period), an alarm is sent to the responsible person. The operator’s screen displays video from all the cameras located on the way of the pallet starting from the point where it was taken from the workshop.

The video analytic subsystem detects people not wearing helmets in the monitoring zone of people moving in the prohibited area and transfer data as an alarm to the plant’s security service. Intelligent video analysis algorithms can detect the presence of people in an especially controlled area: in cranes operating zone, in areas of changing of insufficient lighting, poor visibility (because of smoke, steam, etc.).

In order to provide perimeter security a 24/7 monitoring is organized at the enterprise: 100 IP-cameras. Situational awareness video analytics detectors are used at more complicated areas.

The solutions on the base of SecurOS also operate at such Severstal enterprises as Izhora Pipe Plant, Volgograd rope plant and Severstal – Balakovo Long Products Plant.