Safe City Kislovodsk

Modern video surveillance system based on SecurOS platform is implemented in Kislovodsk within Safe City complex.

Customer: Department of Public Safety, Emergency and Civil Defense of the Administration of the Resort City of Kislovodsk

Implementation tasks

Increasing the level of the law and order, property protection and citizens and Kislovodsk visitors’ security has been achieved by video monitoring system’s implementation and by solving following tasks:

  • 24/7 situational monitoring at the streets, squares and other crucial city infrastructure’s facilities;
  • Control over entry – exit zones, including detection vehicles listed in General Administration for Traffic Safety wanted lists;
  • Improving the effectiveness of police and emergency services officers’ actions while the performance of their duties and dealing with accidents;
  • Creating a video archive for security services and city authorities.

Project description

276 IP-cameras are now working based on SecurOS platform. 43 of these cameras are used for license plate recognition. Video stream is transferred to unified dispatching department, whose employees receive operational information about the situation in crowded place and key sites of the street network. The results of the system work are also used by security service officers.

Video surveillance system also includes camera health module: the detectors of which allow to identify issues with cameras’ operation that may cause a partial or complete loss of video stream: loss of signal, defocusing, blinding, camera shielding and changes the field of view. If an issue is detected, the system alarms operator about its occurrence and creates a detailed description of each issue.

Video surveillance system of Kislovodsk allows to react to alarms faster and to enhance control over situation while carrying out a mass event and improve a general level of citizens and city visitors’ security.

The project includes further scaling through including additional municipal sites in the unified system of urban video surveillance and expansion of the area of monitoring and control of vehicles.