Safe City Montevideo

The implementation of the system of situational video monitoring and video analytic has led to the general safety and law and order level increase.

  • Customer: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uruguay, Montevideo Police Department Service
  • Integrator: SONDA, leading Information Technology (IT) services network in Latin American

Creation history

Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay. The Safe City program has been realizing since 2014. At the first stage about 900 IP-cameras were implemented. The key target of this stage was to decrease the crime rate within situational video monitoring at the crucial infrastructure sites and within timely actions from operative services officers in case of any alarm.

The Montevideo Police Department Service became a primary initiator of this project. Key tasks that were set to be solved within the Safe City program were:

  • to increase the number of exposed crimes;
  • to increase the number of detected crimes;
  • to maintain a counter-bootlegging strategy.

As a result the authorities made a decision that Safe City had to be expand significantly. Therefore the area of video monitoring and control was doubled and the system was also expanded by adding video analytic detectors to it.

Brief solution description

The complex video surveillance system based on SecurOS platform provides the performance of more than 2000 IP-cameras implemented at crossroads, parks and infrastructure facilities. The situational video analytic system includes crowd detector, parked vehicles detector and object left behind detector. License Plate Recognition system provides quick detection of vehicles that are included in the police database. The video data is transferred to the operators of Monitoring and Control Center 24/7.

In order to use the system’s capabilities as effective as possible, police officers configure the system without external assistance. They use the earlier collected data to make a decision about the time and place where detectors should be implemented and which detectors will be the most useful in each location.

One of the main requirements to the security system was an ability to operate 24/7 without any breaks for technical support service. The task was solved within SecurOS Cluster – new standard for failure-resistant security systems. This technology allows to build flexible IT-systems that are resistant to hardware failures so data losses through the period of technical support service performance or because of changing the server’s failure, are avoided.

SecurOS Cluster technology allows to build flexible IT-systems that are resistant to hardware failures. In case of hardware failures the system’s functionality is restored automatically and the recovery process is transparent for video surveillance operator.

SecurOS MCC – Monitoring and Control Center, provides the global monitoring and management of a complete remoted security infrastructure of all your local sites from a single command center. It is an excellent solution for customers with multiple geographically disparted sites or business facilities located at vast area.

ISS experts from the Argentine and Brazilian offices carried out a special training course in order to teach the integrator’s specialists and customer’s employees how to configure and how to use the security system based on SecurOS platform.

The adjustment works were carried out by ISS employees from the Argentine office. They are providing technical support of the “Safe city Montevideo” complex now.


The MCC officers inspect video streams, head the investigation of the happened issues. Event video from multiple cameras is exported to a single Evidence-file that can be signed with an electronic seal.

SecurOS Evidence Manager is a standalone portable video player that is designed in order to effectively review the exported video related to an incident. It offers an opportunity to synchronously view video from multiple cameras.

Upon the request of an authorized user, Evidence-file can be signed with a digital signature. A digital signature with a certificate ensures that the signed file has not been replaced or edited after creation.

Montevideo Police Department Service says that the number of detected and exposed crimes has increased. The project is going to be developed through the expanding of video monitoring and control area later.