The integrated security system of the Surgut Maternal and Child Health Center based on the SecurOS platform

ISS products for patients and staff security of the new Yugra social facility

Object:  Surgut Maternal and Child Health Center (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug–Yugra)

The new Maternal and Child Health Center provides comprehensive services in reproductive health care, advanced treatment, and prevention of intrauterine diseases, and neonatal surgery. A maternity hospital, a diagnostic clinic, and a department of reproductive technology with ECO laboratory, a department of obstetrics and gynecology will become part of the center. The area of the center is more than 70,000 m2; it is planned that up to 10,000 children will be born there.

Customer: VIS Infrastructura LLC, Department of Health of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug–Yugra

Solution composition

  • 640 Hikvision IP-cameras managed by the SecurOS Premium platform
  • 8 SecurOS WorkStations
  • 7 SecurOS FaceX channels

Solution tasks

  • Ensure full-scale monitoring of the situation in the building and street areas of the facility. This is due to the customer’s desire to obtain the highest possible level of security at the Center since any situation threatening patients and staff should be immediately identified and remedied.
  • Effective monitoring of internal regulations, which is essential for any medical facility.

Solution description

Providing 640 IP-cameras operation as a single system became possible due to the SecurOS platform as a solution’s software core. Video monitoring system established at the Maternal and Child Health Center covers the hallways, corridors, stairs and elevator halls, laboratory and office entrances, administrative and economic premises, etc. Also included in the camera viewing area is the perimeter, the adjacent area, parking, staff and patients entrance checkpoint areas, emergency exits.

In the laboratories, operating suites, and other areas of the Center where the entrance is limited, the SecurOS FaceX face recognition module is used. In case of entry to a restricted area of people not included in the authorized list, security officers receive alerts and follow the instructions.

Operators’ workstations are set up at security premises that provide necessary tools for efficient and convenient work. The system maintains video archive storage on remote servers for 30 days due to the requirement of the customer to have evidence in case of necessity to investigate possible incidents.

Taking into account the considerable territory occupied by the Center and its complex structure, it is very valuable for security officers to have such an effective and convenient monitoring and rapid response tool to events threatening the safety of patients and staff. The system is also a very effective tool for solving the administrative issue of monitoring compliance with the rules of conduct and internal control. In the future, when the Center works at capacity, the installed security system will allow for analysis and better planning of the health facility operating process.

Completed work

ISS expertise was sought at all stages of the project and allowed solving customer’s issues in the most effective way. During the initial phase of the project, specialists assisted in the selection of video equipment and system configuration. The ISS Department of Technical Support and Services configured the video surveillance and face recognition systems, trained the center’s operators on administrating and working with SecurOS. In the future, ISS specialists will provide advisory support.