SecurOS is a core of the security system of the FS for Punishment Execution facilities

ISS has completed work on 11 facilities of the FS for Punishment Execution Facilities with integrated monitoring and video analytics SecurOS systems

Object: the FS for Punishment Execution facilities

Solution task

Improving the level of security and law and order by equipping the control areas with modern high-tech video surveillance and video analytics resources.

Solution composition (for each facility)

  • 500+ IP-cameras (Dallmeier, LTV (Luis+)) managed by SecurOS Enterprise, including:
    • 16-32 SecurOS Computer Vision situational awareness video analytics: intrusion detector;
    • 50 SecurOS FaceX face recognition channels;
    • 2 SecurOS Auto license plate recognition channels.
  • SecurOS UVSS under vehicle surveillance system.

Solution description

SecurOS software platform is a core of the security system provided improved monitoring of the situation at the FS for Punishment Execution facilities through the use of video analytics detectors. Automatic detection of objects crossing the boundaries of the controlled zone significantly improves the quality of situational awareness.

The quality of situational awareness is also improved due to the availability of other components of the solution implemented at the FS for Punishment Execution facilities.

The automatic check-in and check-out at the checkpoints are provided by the SecurOS Auto video analytics module.

The security system allows for continuous video monitoring of selected sites at the FS for Punishment Execution facilities and monitoring of the movement of special forces and staff of the penal and correctional system. The IP-cameras are located at the entrances of the high-security facilities, floor entrances, entrances to the walking yard, investigative units, reception rooms, control rooms, etc.

Network door stations (LPA) are installed at the entrances to the premises of limited access (for personnel only), that provide input data for the SecurOS FaceX face recognition module. The pass is possible only if the person involved matches the card data in the Federal Penitentiary Service database. The entry of inmates into certain premises is also restricted and is only possible after the SecurOS control list check.

Thanks to the availability of a video surveillance system in case of aggravation of the situation on the site and for monitoring of personnel performance the local agencies of the FS for Punishment Execution can work with video data in real-time and view the video archive. This enables the correct assessment of the situation and making the necessary management decisions. The video archive for analysis of possible incidents is stored on the servers of proper facilities for 30 days.

According to the demands of the regulatory documents a thorough inspection of all vehicles entering and leaving the FS for Punishment Execution facilities’ area is obligatory. To effectively solve this issue, SecurOS UVSS is included in each site’s security system. This made it possible to inspect the vehicle’s undercarriage more efficiently and technologically than the traditional inspection pit method.

SecurOS UVSS is a hardware-software system for remote under-vehicle surveillance, providing a detailed image of the vehicle’s undercarriage. It is designed for detecting objects attached to the undercarriage that are not part of the construction and thus preventing the entry of prohibited items into a restricted access facility’s area. The recording of all vehicles at the checkpoints makes it possible to avoid cases of collusion when an employee can intentionally miss a car with a stash.

The main body of the SecurOS platform is designed in such a way that the vehicle’s undercarriage surveillance system functions effectively even under severe weather conditions; this feature is important for the Federal Penitentiary Service.

The use of ISS products and solutions (modern software and hardware solutions, intelligent video analysis systems integrated with technical means of control) has significantly improved the security level of facilities of the penal and correctional system against external and internal security threats. In the future, the developed solution will be scaled up to the other FS for Punishment Execution facilities.

Completed work

ISS specialists carried out the pre-commissioning activities and put the security system into operation at each facility. They currently provide technical support.