ISS made the national championship of vocational skills “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills) possible

The SecurOS integration platform brought together more than ten thousand cameras nationwide to stage the competition.

The Organizers

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Kemerovo Region, the Independent Non-Profit Organisation “Agency for Strategic Initiatives”, the Union “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia)

The Project’s Statistics

  • 10,600 surveillance cameras controlled by the SecurOS VMS
  • 70 SecurOS video servers
  • 85 regions participated in the competition
  • 3,000 venues nationwide
  • 16,000+ requests processed throughout the championship

The Project’s Profile

WorldSkills is an international movement aimed at enhancing a positive image of vocational careers and advancing vocational education and training. The participants’ skills are tested at regional, national and world championships, as well as at WorldSkills continental championships.  Russia formally joined the WorldSkills International movement in 2012, becoming the 60th member country of the organization, and has been holding the annual all-Russian WorldSkills Russia competition since 2014.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the WorldSkills championships were cancelled almost all over the world. However, Russia was one of two countries that decided to hold the WorldSkills Russia event online. The national championship organizer had a serious challenge – to hold a top-notch event, while ensuring compliance with the shelter-in-place restrictions.

Competition Management Centers were deployed in Novokuznetsk, Moscow and Kazan. Participating teams were provided with rooms in vocational colleges and schools across the country, each equipped with video surveillance cameras and the required telecommunications equipment.

700 experts monitored the competition and evaluated the competitors remotely, as well. They were each granted access to view video feeds from particular groups of the cameras — depending on the jobs they were evaluating. The competition was recorded so that in case any competitors filed complaints, it would be possible to deal with them by accessing the video archive.

The WorldSkillsRussia 2020 online broadcast was provided via 10,600 cameras operating as part of one video surveillance system controlled by the SecurOS video management platform. The hardware infrastructure was supplied and arranged by I-Teco, a system integrator. ISS engineers installed and configured the SecurOS software remotely.

The Project’s Technical Support

During the qualifying competitions in August 2020, and then the finals which were held between September 6 and 21, ISS engineers provided full technical support for the WorldSkillsRussia 2020. ISS employees installed and configured the software, connected the cameras, assisted technicians in the local venues of the competition, and performed diagnostics of the video surveillance system. The WorldSkillsRussia organizers and chief experts were additionally provided with personal engineers to deal with operational tasks.

ISS, a technical support portal, was used to set up a HelpDesk information system with a channel of e-mail notifications on ticket statuses and processing results – to register competitors and support users. For example, users made requests to connect cameras to one SecurOS network via the WorldSkills HelpDesk.

At the start of the project, ISS engineers held a training webinar on how to work with the WorldSkills information system that was streamed to all the 3,000 venues. The resource was also quickly filled with instructions and video tutorials on camera profile settings and ticketing. ISS engineers processed all tickets on a 24/7 basis, with the company’s technical specialists working in shifts. Over 16 thousand user tickets were processed.