ISS Presents a Perimeter Security System for Sheremetyevo Airport

The SecurOS video surveillance and situational awareness video analytics system as part of the airport's comprehensive perimeter security system.

The Facility: Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport

Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport is Russia’s largest airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. It includes six passenger terminals and two cargo ones. Its route network comprises more than 220 destinations. In 2019, Sheremetyevo served more than 49 million passengers.

The Customer: Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FGUP) “The Administration for Civil Airports (Airfields)”

The company manages the property of airfield complexes throughout Russia, acts as a developer of projects for the construction and reconstruction of airfield infrastructure.

The Integrator: Production and Service Center “Electronika”, LLC

The Project’s Objective

To quickly detect intruders and intrusions into the airport’s premises and ensure immediate response in order to prevent emergencies

The Solution

  • SecurOS Enterprise, a video management platform

– 240 channels of the SecurOS video surveillance system

– 300 channels of the SecurOS Tracking Kit III situational awareness video analytics including “intrusion” and “objects left behind” detectors

  • 17 SecurOS video servers

The Solution’s Overview

Stage One

In 2018, Sheremetyevo International Airport was one of the main “air gates” through which FIFA World Cup players and guests arrived in Russia. As the mission was very important, special emphasis was placed on ensuring everyone’s safety, which is why the airport’s perimeter security system was implemented right before the World Cup. It was done as part of the second reconstruction phase in full compliance with the law.

As a result, a new security system was created, which includes video surveillance and intruder alarm systems. Video streams from 214 IP-cameras based on the SecurOS VMS Platform are transmitted to the Electronika Security Manager, a top-level data collection and processing system. Security operators receive a signal from triggered alarm sensors, assess what is happening based on the video streams from the IP-cameras associated with these sensors, and take action in accordance with applicable regulations.

This high-tech system created to control the perimeter security equipment made it possible to reduce the response time to attempted acts of unlawful interference with the airport’s operations and quickly prevent any attempted intrusion into the transportation security zone. It, in turn, raised the security level of Sheremetyevo International Airport as a whole.

The comprehensive security system of Sheremetyevo International Airport received the national ZUBR-2019 award for enhancing security in Russia and was recognized as the most innovative industry solution of the year. The Federal Agency for Air Transport (Rosaviatsiya) officials presenting the award highly appreciated the performance and efficiency of the airport’s perimeter security system.

ISS products are certified in accordance with Decree No. 969 dated September 26, 2016 issued by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The SecurOS video monitoring system meets the requirements for the functional properties of transportation security equipment (No. 03.000116 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation).

Stage Two

In September 2019, the third runway (Runway-3) was commissioned at Sheremetyevo.

A total of 289 IP-cameras were installed on the perimeter fence of Runway-3, which is 12.5 km long. In addition to regular video surveillance, they enabled the operation of SecurOS Tracking Kit III situational awareness detectors.

When someone comes within a certain distance of the fence, the SecurOS video analytics detects motion and sends an alert of suspicious activity in that area to the higher-level system. Thanks to the connected neural network classifier, the SecurOS registers, but does not alert operators about any irrelevant objects: birds, small animals, etc. Such events are not considered “alarming”. But if operators are alerted to the presence of a person in the detection zone, they assess what is happening on the video and take appropriate action.

Because of the SecurOS Tracking Kit III detectors, the airport’s transportation security officers now have an effective tool for proactive response to potential threats.

There are several passenger terminals at Sheremetyevo Airport. Terminals B and C make the Northern Terminal Complex; Terminals D, E, and F make the Southern Terminal Complex. Terminal E accommodates a transportation security control post (TSCP) whose operators monitor what is going on at the South Terminal Complex. The operators of a new TSCP, who are responsible for the Northern Terminal Complex and the new runway, can also monitor the Southern Terminal Complex from their workstations, if necessary.

Work Done

The design and implementation of the airport’s perimeter security system were the results of a close collaboration between ISS and the integrator. ISS specialists performed extensive pre-project activities to identify locations for installing the video equipment and select the best camera models that would ensure the most efficient operation of the video analytics detectors; they also “fine-tuned” the equipment for maximum efficiency under the existing operating conditions.