SecurOS 64bit extensions in SecurOS 9.5 release

The main news of SecurOS 9.5 release: SecurOS 64bit extensions, ImageProcessor module optimizing for large scale SecurOS Auto installations, as well as updates for SecurOS Auto and SecurOS Cargo video analytics modules.

SecurOS 9.5

SecurOS 64bit Extensions

SecurOS 64-bit is designed to be used in high capacity systems with big amount of cameras and operator workstations. SecurOS 64bit Extensions package should be installed as an update of regular SecurOS 9.5 installation. Package includes the following 64-bit modules:

  • Video subsystem including integrations of ONVIF, Bosch, Samsung, AXIS and GenericRTSP. For the full list of devices supported in SecurOS 64bit please refer to DeviceIntegrationList DP4.8.
  • Motion detector.
  • Media Client.

SecurOS 64bit Extensions are compatible with SecurOS Premium, SecurOS Enterprise and SecurOS MCC. SecurOS MCC 32-bit and 64-bit are compatible with both 64-bit and 32-bit remote systems. Please note that SecurOS 64bit is compatible with 64-bit device integrations only.


Significantly improved overall performance of ImageProcessor module. Advanced ImageProcessor architecture is optimized for large scale SecurOS Auto installations processing great amount of passing vehicles.

Computer Vision SecurOS subsystem – Tracking Kit III detectors

  • Added support of multiple lines in Line Crossing Detector and Object Counter.
  • Dwell Detector now supports independent short and long dwell time counters.
  • Implemented animals classifier which can be applied to Intrusion Detector.
  • Improved algorithm of Object Left Behind Detector in Maximize true detections mode.

New SecurOS software localization

Implemented support of Japanese language interfaces.

SecurOS Auto 9.5

  1. Optimized SecurOS Auto license plate capture and recognition for systems running on multiple-cores CPUs.
  2. Improved recognition of license plates of UAE and other GCC countries.
  3. Uruguay MERCOSUR standard license plates are now correctly displayed in color.

SecurOS Cargo 9.5

Implemented capability to consolidate results of ISO container size and type code recognition received from several recognizers on the same control point.

Please contact ISS support team to request the software download and full Release Notes.