SecurOS modern video surveillance systems for FIFA World Cup 2018 stadiums

The 21st FIFA World Cup has taken place in Russia. One of the main sporting events of the planet of the year 2018 went on twelve modern sports grounds, equipped according to strict FIFA standards.

A country hosting such grand event is lied under deliberate attention of the universal community, and any security emergency before, during or after the game can damage the country’s reputation. That is why the question about safety and security of the participants and guests of the World Cup must be of most importance and was considered at the highest level. It was worked over simultaneously with the plans of reconstruction and modernization of the sports facilities.

The dream team of professionals carried out the preparation works for the FIFA-2018. For several years, the leading design and engineering organizations, construction companies and IT companies have been working in eleven Russian cities, including the ISS company, that has created complex video surveillance systems for five stadiums from scratch.

ISS carried out its work in close cooperation with the customer – the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation and “Sport-Engineering” FSUE, as well as general contractors for the stadium construction: Stroytransgaz JSC (Nizhny Novgorod and “Volgograd Arena” stadiums), Crocus Group (Kaliningrad stadium and “Rostov Arena”) and the Sinara Group (“Ekaterinburg Arena”).

The video surveillance system of each stadium (in Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don and Kaliningrad) includes an average of 1500 – 2000 cameras, dozens of video servers and operator workstations powered by the SecurOS video management platform. The video surveillance system is instrument in controlling the entire space of a sporting complex: its perimeters, entrance groups, internal areas, including crowded areas, small architectural forms, ground-based and underground parking lots and accommodation inside the infrastructure facilities. SecurOS Video Walls are running in the situational centers of several stadiums.

To meet World Cup reinforced security regulations ISS provided access to video data for external monitoring services. The ISS team implemented integration interfaces to ensure the interoperability of stadium video surveillance systems with the FSS and the Ministry of Internal Affairs software products.

Special situational centers were equipped according to the needs of power-wielding agencies to ensure effective situational control at the stadiums, and, if necessary, to provide immediate incident management. Moreover, in case of emergency, SecurOS streams video data to the city emergency response centers powered by the “Safe City”.

ISS together with partners-integrators implemented video monitoring systems for support and temporary infrastructure facilities of the stadiums (accreditation centers, live sites, ticket offices, security checkpoints, police facilities and security police of the stadiums). SecurOS-based solutions have significantly simplified and improved the working efficiency of dispatchers, security and law enforcement services.

ISS specialists took part in all stages of work starting with software design and development, going on with tailoring and testing, and ending with installing ISS solutions.

In the near future, we will publish separate materials with a detailed story about CCTV systems created by ISS for 2018 World Cup stadiums.