SecurOS stands guard over the security of the winter competitions of the XXIX Universiade 2019

The SecurOS video surveillance system and the SecurOS Face video analytic face recognition system will ensure control over law enforcement and infrastructure protection of the new Yenisei stadium in Krasnoyarsk

Universiade is an international student and youth sporting event held every two years in summer and winter seasons. The history of one of the most high-profile sporting events began in Turin, where in 1959 the first Summer Games took place. In 2013, Russia hosted the participants and guests of the competition for the first time: the 27th Summer Universiade took place in Kazan. Moreover, now one Russian city is preparing for the XXIX winter competitions – Krasnoyarsk. The games will be held at ten sports facilities, one of which is the Yenisei Stadium.

“Yenisei” can be easily called as a new sports complex. In 2017, the old building was completely demounted, so that next year a new modern stadium with five thousand stationary seats would replace it.

Half a year left before the Universiade. Project is completed; finishing and engineering works are ongoing. Among them – the implementation of high-tech security system. Its will base on the SecurOS video management platform; a video surveillance system for the stadium territory and building will be deployed on its basis. The functionality of SecurOS fully fit with the requirements of the organizer of the Universiade – International University Sports Federation and the state customer – Specialized children and youth sports school of the Olympic reserve “Hockey club Enisey”.

In addition to the surveillance video system, the stadium will be equipped with a face recognition system SecurOS Face. The security staff of Yenisei will receive an effective means of automating a number of routine processes related to monitoring, registering and controlling access to a sports facility.

Another object where it is planned to introduce a video surveillance system based on the ISS products will be “Biathlon Academy” sports complex.

After the object goes into operation, scheduled for the autumn this year, we will publish a detailed report on this implementation.