ISS is the prize winner of the “Digital Tops” IT Project Award

Within the framework of the Final of the “Digital Tops” Award in the nomination “IT Solutions for a Smart City”, ISS performed the newest system for the prevention of road traffic accidents - SecurOS Soffit.

On December 11, 2018, the final of the competition of Russian developers creating IT-tools for increasing the efficiency of business and government structures was held in Moscow – Digital Tops 2018. The system of visual (light tracking) support for pedestrians at crosswalks SecurOS Soffit won the Prize in the nomination for the best solution for a Smart city.

In the finals of the competition SecurOS Soffit was presented as a solution that helps to increase the safety and comfort of city life, personalize the city to the needs of its residents. The choice of the Board confirmed the relevance and practical benefits of implementing SecurOS Soffit into the urban environment.

The purpose of creating SecurOS Soffit is to provide the driver with conditions in which he will notice a person at a non-controllable crosswalk in order to avoid a possible accident. Video analytical detectors of the complex, which are based on artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies, provide video processing from a built-in video camera, detect people on a “zebra”, and determine the coordinates and direction of their movement. Unlike static passive means of warning drivers of the approach to a crosswalk – road signs and road marking elements, SecurOS Soffit focuses on people crossing the road, highlighting them as dynamic objects and accompanying along the entire path through a pedestrian crossing.