Pedestrian crossings in Tver are becoming safer

ISS and « Business» (JSC “ER-Telecom Holding”) launched the first intelligent pedestrian crossing control system in the city, aimed at ensuring the safety of pedestrians and automobilists. The Center of the organization of traffic of the Tver region was the customer.

The intelligent system includes a photo and video recognition complex, which provides detection of no giving a traffic advantage to pedestrians, with an additional function of the light accompaniment of people crossing an unregulated pedestrian crossing in the dark. Dynamic illumination attracts the driver’s attention and warns him about the presence of a person on the carriageway. Thus, the system significantly increases the safety of pedestrians, reducing the accident rate on the roads.

“Photo and video recording systems installed on the city roads make it possible to successfully solve the problem of preventing violations in the field of traffic. Unlike traditional complexes, the SecurOS system – TRAFFIC-SCANNER-P with the dynamic backlight function performs an important social task: it provides a reduction in the rate of accidents with human casualties at pedestrian crossings, the number of which increases sharply in conditions of poor visibility on the roads,” says Ruslan Mukhomedyarov, Director of the State Public Institution Data Center of the Tver Region.

Regardless of the trajectory of the movement of the pedestrian, the system monitors his path and provides light tracking within the crosswalk. Due to the use of machine learning technologies, the complex provides an adequate assessment of the situation with a minimum number of false positives or omissions.

The necessary data on each violation recorded by the complex will be transferred to the CAFAO (Center of the Automatic Fixing of Administrative Offenses) for the official warrant. It is the first city’s complex with a dynamic backlight function. The customer plans to scale this technology to other dangerous sections where it is almost vital to ensure a safe crossing of the road in the dark.

“Tver is the first Russian city to implement this unique solution to the prevention of road accidents involving pedestrians. The relevance of the development is simply impossible to overestimate. The implementation of the system is aimed at reducing the mortality rate on the roads. I am sure that if people will be stopped to be hit and they will pass in strict accordance with the requirements of the SDA, this decision will soon work in other Russian regions. The intelligent system will be effective in the city, in places where pedestrian crossings are located in areas with limited visibility for the driver, and on highways where pedestrians cross the road only in the locations of settlements,” said Sergey Vlasenko, Head of the ISS Business Development Department.

“Being a federal telecom operator, we always scale successful local projects in other cities. I am sure that soon similar complex projects of the Holding and its partners will appear on many roads of the country. At the moment, digital solutions are helping to ensure safety on the Omsk (the Smart Light project), Perm roads, etc.,” commented Eduard Mamaev, Director of the Tver Branch of ER-Telecom Holding JSC.