SecurOS Soffit ensuring the pedestrian’s safety in Kazakhstan

ISS has installed an Intelligent system of the light accompaniment of pedestrians in order to prevent an accidental pedestrian struck on an unregulated crosswalk in Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

An increasing number of people crossing the road “according to the rules”, i.e. crossing the road at the crossing points, they become victims of traffic accidents and hit-and-run. Often it has to do with the poor visibility of pedestrian and driver’s inattention. SecurOS Soffit helps improve the safety of pedestrians by making them much more visible to drivers.

The goal of creating SecurOS Soffit is to reduce the level of road accidents with fatalities at pedestrian crossings. Dynamic lighting accompanies the pedestrian in the dark, attracting the attention of the driver, who can notice the pedestrian from afar and stop beforehand. Thus, the system significantly increases the safety of pedestrians, reducing the likelihood of a collision. The illumination can be either static or dynamic for an even greater emphasis on pedestrian, which is particularly relevant when there are external distractions, for example, bright signs or advertising video screens near the complex. SecurOS Soffit is a solution well suited for use both in urban space and on highways.

Additionally, a red LED strip is installed on the poles on both sides of the pedestrian crossing. As soon as a person approaches a zebra crossing, the complex detects the presence of a person and turns on additional lighting, attracting the driver’s attention.

The equipment was installed by the company “Satellite-A” (Kazakhstan).