ISS develops partnership with Konica Minolta

ISS – Intelligent Security Systems and Konica Minolta have entered into a partnership agreement to work together to develop integrated solutions for the physical safety of industrial enterprises.

The partnership of the companies will be aimed primarily at developing a new portfolio of solutions that will help customers significantly improve the safety of infrastructure facilities, employees, and ensure the preservation of property.

ISS and Konica Minolta already offer an automatic temperature monitoring system to identify individuals who may be the source of the spread of viral infections.

The automatic temperature monitoring system includes a camera with two Mobotix lenses from Konica Minolta, which forms thermal and optical images, a SecurOS video server with the SecurOS Enterprise platform, and the SecurOS FaceX video analytic module. Mobotix detects objects emitting heat and transmits data from the thermal imaging to the SecurOS server about fixing an object with a temperature above the threshold value in the monitored area and the corresponding optical video image. The resulting video stream is processed by the SecurOS FaceX video analytic system to determine whether an object with an elevated temperature is a human or not.

The operator receives events about the detection of people with elevated temperature from all control zones in the enterprise into a single event log of the SecurOS interface. Thus, an integrated automatic temperature monitoring system provides control at the entrances, informing the operator of the appearance of people with an increased body temperature before they enter the building. The operator’s workstation is configured “for the customer” with the differentiation of rights to process an incident. For example, first-level operators receiving an alarm event, assess the situation by video, and verify that the alarm is not false. While operators of the second level work out confirmed alarms, they take actions under internal regulations: block a pass, call security, etc.