The results of piloting SecurOS Velox in Saratov

The qualitative and operational characteristics of the photo and video recording of driving regulations violations are greatly appreciated by the Ministry of Transport and Road Management of Saratov.

The increase in road traffic and the number of accidents require additional measures to ensure road safety, to improve existing methods and tools for transport control. Automatic photo and video recording complexes help to solve the problem successfully. These complexes provide documentary confirmation of the facts of driving regulations violations. At the same time, the presence of such complexes on the roads plays a preventive role, it creates conditions for the prevention of violations.

Since 2015, ISS has been developing and successfully implementing SecurOS Velox complexes for automatic photo and video recording of traffic violation cases. The company’s specialists are constantly working to improve the technical characteristics of the equipment and expand the list of detected violations.

Three devices are included in the range of video and photo recording complexes. One of them is SecurOS Velox that is designed to detect speed limit and other driving regulations violations on the linear sections of roads.

To date, SecurOS Velox is being piloted in Saratov. The hardware and software complex allows monitoring all major types of traffic violations with simultaneous real-time license plate recognition under all weather conditions. The necessary data on each recorded violation are transmitted to the Centre for Automated Recording of Administrative Offences for issuing a resolution on an administrative offense. During the test period in Saratov the following violations were detected: exceed of the speed limit (Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation 12.19), roadside traffic, entry to oncoming traffic lanes (Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation 12.15); driving without a seat belt (Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation 12.16).

Based on the piloting results, SecurOS Velox has demonstrated high qualitative and operational characteristics, which was noted by the Letter of Thanks from the State Institution “Regional Navigation and Information Center” of the Saratov region.

Sergei Vlasenko, Head of the ISS Business Development Department, assessing the results of the complex in Saratov, stressed that “… the new complex will become another effective tool for ensuring the safety of road traffic on the region’s road network.”