We invite you to participate in the online conference

On September 22, from 11.00 to 14.00 Moscow time, TwinPro Group with the participation of ISS will hold an online conference “Integrated automated safety systems for industrial facilities: effects and implementation examples”.

During the event, experts will discuss the development of integrated security systems, their business benefits, and give examples of implementations. Video demos and live video right from the testing site await you!

The program of the conference includes three sections:

  • Automation of factory checkpoints, entrance groups of administrative buildings, including using video analytics for face recognition and license plates.
  • Automation of process control and identification of emergencies.
  • Establishment of centralized security systems for distributed facilities.

The detailed program is published on the portal “Security Systems”.

The participants will also have an opportunity to address the experts of TwinPro Group and ISS any technological and methodological questions.


Pavel Chilikin, Head of the company TwinPro

Sergey Talyzenkov, Head of the Business Development Department of ISS

Date and time of the event:

The online conference will take place on September 22, from 11.00 to 14.00 Moscow time on the portal platform “Security Systems” (secuteck.ru).

Register for the event: https://www.secuteck.ru/add-visit

Registration as a listener is free of charge