Metadata-based ISS video analytics authentication for Sigur Access Control System

Specialists from the Sigur company have completed the integration of the SecurOS FaceX face recognition video analytics module, SecurOS Auto license plate recognition system, and Sigur Access Control System (ACS)

For a unifactor authentication, the data about the recognized person’s face or license plate are transferred to Sigur ACS to match with the control list data. A positive search result (“match found”) is access to the passage of a person through a turnstile or a vehicle passage through the lifting gate.

In cases when multi-factor authentication is required, access is provided when both factors coincide: a recognized person or a vehicle license plate and smart card identifier applied to the turnstile reader or, accordingly, to the lifting gate reader.

Data on persons and state vehicle license plates are stored on the Sigur server. These data are also managed by Sigur ACS. The video of passages is stored on the SecurOS video server. Data on passages of persons and vehicles are also recorded and available to the operator in the SecurOS FaceX interface or, accordingly, in the SecurOS Auto interface.

The solution has been implemented at one of the enterprises of the Miratorg holding in Kursk (Russia).