ISS and RUBEZH: new stage of technological cooperation

RUBEZH specialists implemented the integration of the video analytics face recognition module SecurOS FaceX and RUBEZH-STRAZH Access Control System (ACS), included in the R-PLATFORMA situational management system.

Integration with the SecurOS FaceX module extended the functionality of the RUBEZH-STRAZH Access Control System (ACS) with a unifactor and two-factor authentication of persons passing through the control line.

Single-factor authentication allows a search of the face of the person standing in front of the camera in the ACS list (comparison “one with many”). If the search result is positive, i.e., the person’s face is found in the ACS list, access will be granted.

Two-factor authentication allows organizшng a pass with a smart card with an additional person’s face recognition with a face on the card identifier attached to the reader (comparison “one with one”). If a company employee attempts to access with a colleague’s card, access will be denied.

SecurOS FaceX uses a special list of persons (ACS list) to operate in the ACS module. This list is entirely resident in the FaceX server’s memory. This provides an almost instantaneous verification result, which, in turn, allows RUBEZH-STRAZH to make a quick decision on the admission or non-admission of a person in order not to create queues in the passing area.

The ACS list is managed by RUBEZH-STRAZH. This approach excludes the disalignment of the lists of SecurOS FaceX and RUBEZH-STRAZH.

RUBEZH is the largest developer and manufacturer of technical security equipment for facilities of various types in Russia and CIS. The RUBEZH brand products are represented in all key segments of the industry: fire alarm, firefighting automatics, video surveillance, access control systems, warning and evacuation management systems, cable products.