SecurOS Soffit helps to ensure safe pedestrian crossings in Saratov

ISS installed six intelligent complexes of the light accompaniment of pedestrians at unregulated crosswalks. The customer was the Committee of Road Facilities, Repair, and Transport of the City Administration.

SecurOS Soffit became part of the Saratov Intelligent Transport System (ITS) which is being created within the national project “Safe and High-Quality Motorways” and includes state-of-the-art technology solutions designed for making urban life safe and comfortable. SecurOS Soffit allows solving one of the main ITS tasks – reduce the number of road traffic accidents with human casualties on the city’s road network.

The complexes are installed at unregulated crosswalks in the area of Stroiteley prospect 9; Ilyinskaya square 1B; Antonova street 3; Radishchev street 64; Vysokaya street 7, and Tankistov street 64. The installation sites were chosen for a reason: these sites are emergency areas where pedestrian accidents have been recorded repeatedly. Therefore, increasing the safety level of road users on these road sections is prevail.