The first intelligent traffic accident prevention system SecurOS Soffit is installed in the Moscow Region

ISS installed a complex for highlighting pedestrians at unregulated crosswalks after dark in Krasnogorsk. The project was initiated by the Center for Traffic Safety, a state public institution subordinate to the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Moscow Region.

SecurOS Soffit helps improve pedestrian safety by making them much more visible to drivers. The complex detects a person near a crosswalk and provides continuous highlighting of the pedestrian on the “zebra” with a bright light beam. So the driver can see the pedestrian from afar and slow down.

Krasnogorsk is the first city in the Moscow Region where this unique solution was implemented. SecurOS Soffit was installed at an unregulated crosswalk on Mayakovskogo Street, where a flow of people moves from the Community Center to the public transport stop, and drivers often do not let them pass.

The complex is designed to focus the driver’s attention on the pedestrian, rather than on the illumination of signs and other elements of road infrastructure. Even if a pedestrian stops, turns around and walks back, the intelligent system tracks his movement and provides light coverage.

The system greatly improves the safety of pedestrians by reducing the likelihood of being hit by a vehicle. And most importantly, SecurOS Soffit helps solve a key problem: to reduce injuries and fatalities on Russian roads.