ISS Smart Systems Detect Driving Without a Seat Belt

The first ISS automated ‘no seat belt’ detection systems are already in operation in Nizhnevartovsk.

ISS specialists have been developing and implementing systems of automated photo and video recording of traffic violations for many years and constantly expand the list of detectable violations, based on the current road safety needs.

Statistics clearly show that it is imperative to tighten control over seat belt use. Although the use of seat belts by the driver and front-seat passenger cuts the risk of death or injury by 50%, according to the traffic police in 2019, 19% of killed drivers and one in five passengers involved in an accident were not wearing their seat belts.

The ISS complex includes a specialized video camera placed strictly above the traffic lane, which provides a high-quality image of the vehicle’s interior, regardless of weather conditions. The neural network algorithm can accurately recognize the driver and front-seat passenger, regardless of whether there is a left- or right-hand drive car in the frame, and determine whether they are buckled up. The pulse mode of the IR illuminator allows the video from a single camera to be used for both license plate recognition and seat belt detection.

According to the article 12.6 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offences, a driver who is not wearing a seat belt, or transporting passengers who are not wearing a seat belt is subject to administrative liability. If the system records a violation, it generates materials (evidence, including photos) and transmits them to the Center for Automated Recording of Administrative Offences, which will check the data and, if the violation is confirmed, issue a traffic ticket.