Visual Inspection and Automation of Terminal Gates

SecurOS Cargo Terminal

SecurOS Cargo Terminal provides remote visual inspection of sea containers and control of vehicles which carry containers. It facilitates data flow processing and seamless integration with Terminal Operation System.


  • High quality video archive (necessary for carrying out internal investigations in case of detection of container’ damages)
  • Based on IP-cameras
  • Container image alignment: straight track is not required
  • Can be installed on the existing infrastructure; no need for a dedicated facility

SecurOS VMS is a software template of the SecurOS Cargo Terminal, that allows to create customized solutions in accordance with the changing project tasks and requirements. SecurOS Cargo Terminal supports individual scenarios that can be changed depending on the tasks.

Functionality of the solution can be expanded by including 3rd-party hardware:

  • actuating devices: sensors, beams, barriers, etc.
  • PACS
  • security systems


SecurOS Cargo Terminal automatically collects and provides to TOS full set of gate metadata:

  • ISO Container images for visual inspection top and both sides
  • ISO container number, size and type code, Kemler, IMDG, LIU
  • License plate number of a truck
  • RTSP video stream and ASF/AVI video clips
SecurOS Cargo Terminal Architecture
SecurOS Cargo Terminal Architecture


  • Customs Control & Border Management
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Sea Ports
  • Warehouse Terminals