Situational Awareness Video Analytics

SecurOS Computer Vision

The SecurOS Computer Vision subsystem offers the Suite of situational awareness video analytics detectors. This Suite provides a set of advanced video analytics detectors designed to increase situational awareness of SecurOS operators. The detectors will streamline operator efficiencies by not requiring constant monitoring of control areas; improving operator event processing; and by monitoring/controlling several locations, without impact the security staff.

Key Features

  • Programmable Logic Event Processing.
    Provides ability to automate a large variety of routine operations, performed consistently in high volume – 24×7.
  • Cutting Edge Video Analytics Algorithms.
    Uses advanced algorithms for object tracking, foreground extraction, sudden lighting changes and much more.
  • Minimized False Positives or Missed Events.
    Maintained by advanced settings for each control zone and operating conditions.
  • Unlimited Number of Detectors.
    One system can run an unlimited amount of detectors, as well as being able to enable multiple detectors per camera.
  • Integrated with SecurOS VMS.
    Seamlessly works alongside the SecurOS video management software as well as other SecurOS Analytics modules.
  • Hardware-Agnostic System.
    No specialized cameras or other hardware is required. Multi-vendor equipment support.

Basic video analytic detectors

Crowd DetectorDesigned to detect potentially dangerous groups of people
Object Left Behind DetectorDesigned to detect abandoned objects
Intrusion DetectorDesigned to detect objects entering a forbidden area (crossing forbidden zone border)
Loitering DetectorDesigned to detect people loitering and moving in the same area for some time
Running DetectorDesigned to detect people who move faster than it was considered normal
Object CounterDesigned to count objects (people, vehicles) crossing a line in each direction
Smoke DetectorDesigned to detect smoke of any kind
Dwell Time DetectorDesigned to to count objects (people, vehicles) remaining in the area for the certain time
Line Crossing DetectorDesigned to detect objects (people, vehicles) crossing a line in any direction
Wrong Direction DetectorDesigned to detect objects (people, vehicles) moving in target direction