Face Capture & Recognition System

SecurOS Face


SecurOS Face is an Image Analytics Module for SecurOS and provides Face Capture & Recognition with a high accuracy level in a wide variety of challenging conditions and as such, is ranked among the most accurate of all Face Recognition systems in the marketplace. The reason for such a high level of accuracy has to do with the background of ISS in image analytics technology, and the related expertise with advanced algorithms, which then identifies and matches an individual’s specific features with relentless attention to every detail.

As a Video Analytics/Biometrics Module SecurOS Face images can be archived in a database for real time identification. It can be used for active recognition where subjects know their image is being captured or passively, where they do not have knowledge of such surveillance. It can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with an access control or other third party systems to enhance functionality.

Key Targets

Asset Security

  • Access permissions, restrictions and rights & privileges of persons in protected areas
  • Formation of a database of personnel and visitors with tagged data such as date and time, location and association of such with a facial image
  • Advanced event/response management including time schedule engine, adjustable thresholds, and alarm capabilities

Law Enforcement

  • Unattended object detection
  • Identify clusters of people
  • Intrusion into restricted areas

Customs and Immigration inspection

  • Identifying persons in accordance with the established lists
  • Increase the overall efficiency of the passport control

Access Control System

  • Automatic registration of all people passing through a controlled zone
  • Identification from a “watch list” for prevention of access to secure areas
  • Real-time information regarding access of searched or tracked persons

Key Features

Detection and tracking

  • Active or Passive FCR Usage: Active recognition (where subjects know their image is being captured) or capability to passively (in which persons do not have knowledge of surveillance) recognize individuals

Recognition and reaction

  • Simultaneous Multiple Face Capture & Recognition: SecurOS Face detects, captures, and recognized multiple faces per second for effective use in crowded environments
  • Location Detection: Automatic localization and capture of all persons in site of video cameras
  • An opportunity to manually confirm or reject compliance of the recognizable image with the available standard image from DB
  • Advanced Event / Response Management: Time schedule engine, adjustable thresholds, advanced scripting capabilities, active user response option, and alarm management

Organization of search and use of the database

  • Smart Search: Real-time, high-accuracy comparison of two or more face samples simultaneously against Watchlist / External Databases
  • Advanced Search: Search results include face capture, first and last name
  • Watchlists: Add people and images to Watchlists and set custom alarms for matches
  • System Automation: Robust event/reaction management capabilities include automatic notification (phone, email, SMS)
  • DB Connectivity: Import/Export Capabilities, along with unlimited number of face capture detectors within a security network, create one centralized recognition database


  • Active or Passive FCR Usage. Active recognition (where subjects know their image is being captured) or capability to passively (in which persons do not have knowledge of surveillance) recognize individuals
  • Hardware-agnostic System. No specialized cameras or other hardware is required
  • Software Based Feature Detection. Automatic optimal face position, transmission & comparison means recognition overcomes changes in skin, hair, etc.
  • Robust Support. System can process multiple face detections simultaneously in real-time with automatic localization and capture of all persons in sight of video camera
  • Advanced Recognition Engine. High-accuracy comparison of multiple face samples simultaneously
  • Event/Reaction Management. Robust event/reaction management capabilities including automatic notification and integrated access control, biometrics, and other devices
  • Integrated with SecurOS VMS. Seamlessly works with SecurOS VMS as well as other SecurOS Analytics modules


  • Cultural & Sports Facilities
  • Customs Control & Border Management
  • HoReCa
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Municipal & Office Buildings
  • Retail
  • Safe Cities