Speed Limit Violations Detection System

SecurOS Velox

SecurOS Velox is designed to monitor road traffic and detect all violation cases 24 hours a day under any weather conditions. It includes high quality image capturing camera, integrated power efficient illumination, processing unit for number plate recognition, automatic self-control services and remote management GUI. High-end microwave radar in combination with high resolution camera can track up to 32 vehicles simultaneously on up to 6 traffic lanes and automatically provide evidence of detected violations.


SecurOS Velox provides:

  • Automated detection of the  traffic violations
  • Reports on all passing vehicles for ITS purposes
  • License plates recognition of violating vehicles and identification of violator vehicle in traffic flow

Optional features:

  • Video surveillance of the traffic situation
  • Provision of statistics on passages of vehicles for 3rd-party systems
  • Detecting vehicles on the wanted list for law enforcement applications

Detected traffic violations:

  • Exceeding vehicle speed limit
  • Violations of regulations related to vehicle position on the road, oncoming traffic or overtaking

Solution advantages

Primary Advantages

The primary advantages of the introduction of video monitoring system for traffic offenses are:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of the situation on the roads, which allows to record all cases of offenses in the area of video monitoring
  • Increase efficiency by issuance of citations with minimal human interaction, allowing law enforcement to dedicate more time to more critical activities.

Other Advantages

  • Supplied as a single ready-to-use device
  • Monitoring of up to 6 lanes in both directions with a single device
  • Tracking up to 32 targets (vehicles) simultaneously
  • License plates recognition of violating vehicles and identification of violator vehicle in traffic flow*

* SecurOS Velox is based on the SecurOS Auto license plate recognition (LPR/ANPR) system. At the moment the video analytic module allows to recognize license plates of more than 80 countries all over the world (Taiwan, USA, United Arab Emirates, etc.).

  • Support of independent speed limits for each lane (upper and lower)
  • Support of independent speed limits for cars and heavy trucks/buses
  • An exceptionally high quality of violation evidence during daytime and at nighttime, and under any weather conditions
  • A high percentage of positive violation detection results: minimum missed violations and low percent false positive detection results
  • Built-in integration capabilities to automate evidence processing by authorities and simplify tickets issuing
  • Functioning as a standalone system or as a part of a distributed system combining a number of SecurOS Velox and/or SecurOS Crossroad

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