Audit of SecurOS users’ activity

Audit of SecurOS users’ activity

The SecurOS AuditTrail software module aggregates data on users’ activity from all SecurOS video servers and provides a tool for working with these data via the web interface.

The information about the actions of SecurOS operators and administrators is stored in the database on each SecurOS security system’s video servers. SecurOS AuditTrail gathers this information in a single audit database.

The AuditTrail interface provides functions for searching data, viewing and uploading the search and viewing audit statistics results into the external file (CSV, XLSX, and PDF) in the form of reports.

You can also configure and save your own templates or use standard ones:

  • Users’ actions
  • Changes in object configurations
  • Access to the video
  • PTZ control
  • Video export
  • Work with the SecurOS Auto module

To work with SecurOS AuditTrail is possible via both web browser and HTML5 Frontend built into SecurOS.

When configuring the module, you should specify the users who will have access to the information gathered by AuditTrail, so they will have access to perform the audit. The module is installed by a separate installer. The functionality is available in SecurOS Monitoring & Control Center, SecurOS Enterprise, and SecurOS Premium editions.

Module's Interface