Free local video surveillance SecurOS system

SecurOS Lite

The free full-function edition of the video surveillance system for 4 IP cameras with unlimited archive depth.

The use of SecurOS Lite is an opportunity to obtain the required quality level and expand the functionality of the CCTV while significantly reducing the costs of owning software.


For private using

Based on SecurOS Lite local video surveillance system can be built to ensure the security of such facilities as:

  • private apartments, country retreat
  • small stores, fashion stores, chemists shops, private filling stations, café etc.

For partners and customers

You can examine your cameras – if they operate correct with SecurOS. And you can examine SecurOS VMS functions and features.

SecurOS Lite can be updated to any platform edition up to the SecurOS Enterprise.

Archive file composition:

  • SecurOS Lite Distribution Kit. The software also includes a special SecurOS web-client that provides easy-to-view video and camera control on a variety of computers using standard web browsers – SecurOS WebConnect.
  • SecurOS Evidence Manager Distribution Kit. Standalone portable video player designed for professional work with incident video exported from SecurOS.
  • SecurOS Archive Player Distribution Kit. Easy to use previous generation video player.
  • SecurOS WebView Distribution Kit. Previous generation web-client, which will be maintained by ISS for some time.

To use 4-channel SecurOS Lite, your Windows 64bit OS version must be 8 or higher (OS Windows 10 is recommended).


  • Unlimited duration of license
  • Unlimited size and storage period of video archive
  • Maximum number of IP cameras – 4 video + audio channels
  • Equipment support for all major manufacturers (more than 10,000 models)
  • Support for I/o contacts
  • Support for PTZ devices
  • Interactive site plans (2D maps)
  • Expanded export functions
  • Built-in automation tools (scripts, macros, time zones)
  • Built-in notification tools (e-mail, SMS, audio, pop-ups)
  • Event protocol with filtering capability
  • Multi-level user rights
  • Built-in system’s self-diagnostic devices
  • Web-client (including SecurOS WebConnect)

SecurOS Lite edition is exclusively for organizing video surveillance systems and does not support video analytic modules.


SecurOS Lite Architecture
SecurOS Lite Architecture


You can download the SecurOS User Guide from the Documentation page.

ISS specialists provide full-fledged technical support for SecurOS Lite users on a reimbursable basis, but consultations regarding the usage are free of charge.

We ask you to register on the ISS Technical Support Portal. The staff members of the Technical Support Department have developed a strong knowledge base and can quickly give a complete response to your question.