Advanced monitoring of the use of personal protective equipment

SecurOS Helmet Detector

Solution Overview

A construction site, a foundry, a coal mine and other hazardous facilities require strict adherence to Health and Safety Regulations, including the use of personal protective equipment, a protective helmet or hard hat being one of the most frequently used.

ISS offers a professionally approved video analytics solution to identify employees who fail to use this personal protective equipment.


Complex ISS solutions are created at industrial enterprises to provide industrial security.

Other similar tasks are:

  • to increase labor discipline and reduction of accidents that cause injuries
  • to provide compliance with Health and Safety Regulations
  • to form an evidence base (video records) to provide investigations

Implementation results

  • Providing the main organization with the full amount of reliable data online
  • Existence of evidence base with fixed facts of disciplinary violations
  • Possibility of predicting the level of industrial safety, as well as taking operational measures to prevent accidents
  • A significant increase in labour discipline and a decrease in the number of accidents leading to work-related injuries
  • Compliance with labour laws to provide employees with safe working conditions

Operating Procedures

ISS helmet detection operation procedures
ISS helmet detection operation procedures

The video analytic subsystem detects people not wearing helmets, records video and sends alarms to security service. The security personnel receives all necessary incident data: the place, time, and corresponding video footage. The company’s procedure instruction determines further response (staff actions) to incidents.


  • Construction Sites
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Sea Ports
  • Warehouse Terminals