Vehicle Access Management

Automatic vehicle access registration system.

Key Targets

  • Increase check-point capacity by automating vehicle admittance procedure ("white-list").
  • Increase check-point staff efficiency and to minimize mistakes (accidental and deliberate) in tracking vehicles entering and leaving checkpoints.
  • Raise the standard of drivers’ discipline by vehicular movement control on the premises .
  • Receive objective data to plan logistic process.

Key Features

  • provides automated authorized checkpoint pass (‘white-list’)
  • allows to track vehicles at check-points on the premises, including entrance and exit check-points
  • transfers essential data into the 3rd-party system for further analysis to improve logistics
  • operates with controls barriers, electronic notice boards, etc.

Solution Architecture

ISS Vehicle Access Management architecture
ISS Vehicle Access Management architecture

Solution Structure


  • SecurOS VMS allows for video surveillance, video recording, video archive formation, hard and software management.
  • The SecurOS UVSS module singles the undercarriage image out of the video fragment and manages the UVSS GUI
  • Video analytic module SecurOS Auto provides license plate recognition, vehicle database search, etc.
  • Embedded SecurOS API offers interoperability and integration with Access control System (ACS), motion control devices, information boards.

Basic hardware:

  • UVSS platform, mounted on the roadway
  • UVSS controller
  • LPR complex
  • Operator workstation

Optionally, the complex can be supplemented with a surveillance camera, ACS, barriers, traffic lights, information boards, etc.